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Chesapeake Center, Inc.

1950: Prior to this date, there were no training or educational facilities for children with mental retardation

1955 – 1963: Upper Shore Association for Retarded Children was formed by parents form Caroline, Dorchester, Talbot, Kent and Queen Anne Counties

1964: Special Education classes were taken over by the Board of Education

1966: Mr. Alton Jones donated $10,000 to start the Vocational School for the Retarded, Inc. (for adults)

1967: The Vocational School for the Retarded for 10 adults on Dover Road property was purchased by Mrs. Alton Jones

1974: Mrs. Alton Jones donated funds to build the Developmental Unit property and other property to be used as a future Endowment Fund for the Center

1974: Chesapeake Developmental Unit was incorporated and dedicated. Some funds received from the State of Maryland

1977: The Vocational School for the Retarded was renamed The Chesapeake Center, Inc.

1979: Chesapeake Bay Industries, Inc created as a self funded regional sheltered workshop

1980: Chesapeake Group Homes, Inc created with funds from State of Maryland, Developmental Disabilities Administration

1985 – 2003: Chesapeake Head Injury, Inc. operated to serve adults who sustained a traumatic head injury

1994: Individual Support Services grant to support adults in their own dwellings was received from DDA

1994: Chesapeake Adult Services formed to serve medical needs, billed to Medical Assistance

2002: 35th Anniversary Celebration

2004: Talbot County Chamber of Commerce – Non-Profit of the year Award

2005: National Industry for the Severely Handicapped Performance Excellence Award

2006: National Industry for Severely Handicapped Rehabilitation Specialist Award

2007: National Council of Work Centers Management Excellence Award

2007: Talbot County Chamber of Commerce Ribbon Cutting to celebrate 40 years of assisting adults with disabilities to reach their full potential

2008: Talbot County NAACP Organizational Award

2009: Capital Improvements to 713 Dover Road facility; paved parking area, added brick entrances and landscaping

2010: United Fund recipient from 1975 to 2010

2011: Presenter at the Upper Shore Business and Manufacturing Council

2011-2012: Manufacturing milestone – our highest numbers to date:
          • 38,525 unbranded crab mallets
          • 15,864 mallets with a customized brand
          • 523,804 cloths of various sizes sold to the Federal Government

2012: Talbot disAbility Coalition Award nominee, 45th anniversary Open House to launch new logo with in person Citations from Senator Colburn, Delegates Eckard, Haddaway-Riccio and Sossi & Easton Mayor Willey

2013: Presentation from Easton Lions Club, MEA Grant Award Winner, Increased licensed capacity to serve additional consumers in Day and Residential. Chesapeake Adult Services program closed.

2014: Presentation from Easton Lions Club, MEA Grant Award Winner

2015: National Award Winner - Performance Excellence

2016: Surpassed 2012 Manufacturing Milestones:
          • 61,942 unbranded crab mallets
          • 23,736 mallets with a customized brand
          • 528,113 cloths of various sizes sold to the Federal Government